Si Barber

Extinction Rebellion shaving heads by the Guildhall, February, 2020.

Si Barber

Kings Morris performing in the Vancouver Centre, 1st May 2006.


The Private shop on Norfolk St capitalises on the publishing phenomena of the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, 2013.


A bedsit to rent advertised in Russian cyrillic on the Purfleet , 2013.


Landlady’s son Oli Haynes of the Live & Let Live, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, making the final touches to their St George’s Day decorations. Despite having to close because of corona virus that pub is adapting to the situation by offering a beer take-away service to regulars.


Broad St in King's Lynn, Norfolk,UK on the first day of Lockdown 2, during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020.

Si Barber

The Corssways public house in King's Lynn, Norfolk,UK.

Corona Virus Images.

A deserted New Vancouver Centre, Broad Street, Kings Lynn,UK, during the corona virus pandemic.

Si Barber

Kings Butchers on WIsbech Road, King’s Lynn trading during the covid 19 pandemic.

Image by Si Barber

Closed shop on Norfolk Street, 2016.


A butcher delivering meat to ZP & VP Butchers in King’s Lynn, Norfolk,UK


A police officer in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, lecturing the public on what language may constitute a hate crime

KIng's Lynn Mart 2018

Gaff Lad working the Waltzer, King's Lynn Mart 2018

Corona Virus Images.

Practising Parkour in The Walks, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK, during the corona virus pandemic.

Si Barber

A young man with a handbag around his neck in King’s Lynn, Norfolk,UK.

Image by Si Barber

KFC King's Lynn, October 2011.

Si Barber

A Black Lives Matter demonstration in King’s Lynn,Norfolk,UK which was held during the 2020 corona virus pandemic.

Si Barber

A Burns Night piper playing in the London Porterhouse, King's Lynn, Norfolk,UK,January 2022.


Valingers Road Laundrette, King’s Lynn, Norfolk,UK.

Corona Virus Images.

Haircare hairdressers in King’s Lynn, Norfolk,UK stating their closure due to the corona virus pandemic.