The peoples of East Anglia are well known for their argumentative ways; From Hereward The Wake who resisted the Norman invasion, to Thomas Paine and the Boston Pilgrims who founded modern America, and Oliver Cromwell who asserted the primacy of democracy. The 'Fen Tigers' have had cause to remind Parliaments & Kings that they ultimately govern by consent of the people. No surprise then, when in 2016 the area became the crucible for Brexit with some areas recording over a 70% vote for leaving the EU. Dismissed as a place of 'low information people' by those that considered themselves enlightened liberals this ongoing project looks at daily life beyond the soundbite in the place which William the Conqueror referred to as 'that most disputatious part of England'.

Teenage Girls at Kings Lynn Mart. The Mart, which is the country's oldest fair begins on Valentines Day and has done so almost every year since 1537 providing the young people of the town with somewhere to go in the Winter.

Migrant workers harvesting cabbages near Boston, Lincolnshire during a rainstorm.

Remain voter Bren Goillon finishing a mural of the EU flag on his house watched by his dog Flint. The lumberjack from Helhoughton in Norfolk painted the flag to express his disappointment with the Referendum result and replaced one of the twelve stars with a tear. He was later asked to remove it by the council.


A scarecrow made up with a niqab in a field of wheat, Lincolnshire.


Police officers conducting raids on a car wash business in Cambridgeshire where employees were found to be working long hours for less than the minimum wage and living in very poor conditions. A number of people, all from Eastern Europe, were taken into voluntary protective custody in the form of the National Referral Mechanism - a Governmental framework for identifying victims of human trafficking and ensuring they receive the appropriate protection and support.


Graffiti on a farm building by the A14 in Cambridgeshire on land which will shortly be used for housing.


Woman at car boot sale with dogs, Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen, Norfolk UK.


Retired pest controller, Southery, Norfolk.


David Bishop, aka Lord Byro of the Church of the Militant Elvis Party campaigning at the Sleaford & North Hykeham by election where he polled 55 votes, losing to Caroline Johnson of the Conservative Party.


Tribute to Margaret Thatcher at St Mary Magdalene Church, Gedney Lincolnshire. The memorial features coal, a handbag and a book on the Falklands war.


Selling carpets from a van at Swaffham Marketplace, Norfolk.


An HGV lorry carrying a consignment of flour which crashed into Outwell Creek in Norfolk, spilling its load into the river. The driver was reportedly unhurt.


MIss Norfolk 2018, Louise Bennison on a store promotion.


Villagers celebrating the Queen's Birthday in Great Moulton, Norfolk.


St Nicholas Tavern, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,UK


Donald Trump and entourage of bodyguards entry for the Wells Next The Sea carnival in Norfolk, August 2017.


The Reverend Ian Cuthbertson of Gosberton Church blessing the Council gritters at Pode Hole Depot, Linconshire where prayers are given for the safety of drivers during the Winter months before the gritting vehicles set off to deposit salt on the county's roads to combat the icy conditions.


A classic and modified car enthusiasts event in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK


Waiting for the first customer at Baxter's chip shop window, Sutton Bridge,Lincolnshire,UK


Donkeys in the congregation at St Michael's Church, Swaton,Lincolnshire on Palm Sunday which commemorates the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey prior to the Last Supper.


Two girls pass by the local celebrity known Puppetman, Great Yarmouth.


Battle of Britain plates on sale at Swaffham Market, Norfolk

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Care homes residents dsiplaying signs affirming their dignity.


Migrant workers from Eastern Europe shopping in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

Factory workers start the early morning shift, Fleet Hargate,Lincolnshire, UK.


Mr & Mrs Street showing the collection of chinaware including a teapot commemorating Article 50 the legislation which will bring about Brexit.

Unwanted horse, Swaffham, Norfolk

Unwanted horse, Swaffham, Norfolk

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A re-enactment of the German defence of Normandy in 1944 by children in Cambridgeshire, 2018 for the purposes of charity.


Selling selfie-sticks, Cambridge.

Dr Victoria Bateman

Dr Victoria Bateman, Cambridge academic,economist & anti Brexit activist presenting her thesis called Brexit Leaves Britain Naked. Whilst making her speech she strips off her clothes until naked and then invites the audience to sign her body.


Mr & Mrs Morris collecting for the Help for Heroes charity at the Anglia Motel, Fleet Hargate, Lincolnshire.


Hauling crucifix, Great Yarmouth, ,Norfolk,UK July 2019

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World Snail racing Championships, Congham, Norfolk.

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Small World foodstore on Peterborough market, owned by Param Singh.

Holme Hale village hall meeting ,Norfolk, UK.

Holme Hale village hall meeting ,Norfolk,UK.


A makeshift table with a mirror and hairbrush in an abandoned pig-sty in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire which was occupied by two Lithuanian women who were subsisting on dog food.

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Britannia Cafe, Blackfriars Road, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire,UK

Shippea Hill Rail Station, Cambridgeshire

Shippea Hill station in Cambridgeshire. The request-only stop is the least used in Britain

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Swaffham Poultry Auction, Swaffham, Norfolk, UK.


Celebrating as the clock strikes eleven pm, Friday 31st January 2020.

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The Christian Motorcyclists Association visiting Hunstanton.

Corona Virus Images.

London Road, King’s Lynn.

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Swaffham auction, Norfolk during the Covid19 pandemic.

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A Black Lives Matter demonstration in King’s Lynn,Norfolk,UK which was held during the 2020 corona virus pandemic.

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Permitted activity ,King’s Lynn,Norfolk, UK.